What 87 Little Spiders Taught Me About Life and Success

Last weekend while doing a bit of “summer cleaning,” I realized something very, very important. Spiders LOVE my garage! This is very important because I do NOT love spiders, and while I don’t mind a few hanging out up near the ceiling, I’m just not okay with them treating every corner, nook and cranny like […]

7 Ways to Get Your Growth Un-stuck (pt.1)

“So you’re KILLING IT at work, but it’s KILLING YOU inside…?” In my work through the years with all kinds of people, I can’t tell you how many times that little phrase has summed up EXACTLY why someone feels “stuck” in their life as a whole. They are seeing all sorts of success in one […]

Opportunity Profit

white round wall clock at 2:25

“THIS is a total waste of my time…” Ever feel that way about a task, like what you’re doing SERIOUSLY isn’t worth your energy? Ever feel that way about a person? I struggled with this for a long time because while I believe all people DO matter in a spiritual sense, I couldn’t see a […]

On Reading

Do not so quickly rush by what you read that it has no opportunity to take hold of your heart and take root in your mind. Be still for a moment. Breathe. Write. Think. Pray. Be aware of the words you’ve just read, and let them have their way in you, for it is often […]