9 Shortcuts to Winning Trust

Years ago I heard a talk that completely changed my thinking about how to communicate and connect with others, and it transformed my ability to win trust so I can serve people better.

The talk was from a man named Gordon MacDonald, and his big idea was this: In every decade of our life, one key question drives a huge amount of our behavior, and in every decade the question changes.

After 20 years as a professional communicator myself, I believe Gordon’s idea and the questions he shared are just as true and relevant today as when I first heard them all those years ago.

HERE’S WHAT THIS MEANS FOR YOU: If you can help someone find an answer for “their question”, the one that matters most to them, you, your product or your brand will become one of their most trusted advisors, almost overnight.

Do with that what you will.

The questions are below, and for the sake of space I won’t elaborate in the post. However, if you’d like to dig deeper, feel free to drop a comment and we can continue the conversation.



Teens – Who am I and who am I becoming?

20’s – What am I going to do with my life and with whom?

30’s – Now that I have so many responsibilities and obligations, how do I manage all these priorities?

40’s – Am I a success or a failure?

50’s – As I move into the second half of life, how do I cope with the disappointments in my life, and who is this younger generation that wants me out of the way ?

60’s – How much longer can I do the things that have defined me, and what will I be forced to change?

70’s – How do I live with loss?

80’s – Does anyone remember who I once was? Will anyone remember when I’m gone?

Final Question – What happens when I die?

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