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Phillip Gonzales has been a Professional Communicator for over 20 years. He has built and led teams for national franchises and churches, taught sales seminars all over the U.S., spoken at ministry conferences all over the world, and served as a private coach for over a decade.

From 2011 – 2019 he served as Founder and Lead Pastor of Outpost Church in Fort Myers, Florida, which now operates as a non-profit helping Christian businesses thrive and impact their local communities. In 2017 he founded Adriel Partners, a growth and marketing firm still in operation for select clients. Over the years he has also enjoyed working in mainstream media, starting and running a web design firm, and providing media and technology consulting for churches.

He has written five inspirational books, developed training courses on a wide range of topics, and loves to learn and share new ideas. He lives with his wife Heather and three children in Babcock Ranch, Florida, and enjoys spending time with his family and serving in his church and community.

"I got fired from Walmart at age 17."

Apparently they were really, REALLY serious about the “don’t eat your food until after you pay for it” policy. Seriously.

Turns out it was a blessing in disguise, though, because when a friend heard about it, he offered me a job at his web design agency, and that started a crazy journey that brought me where I am today.

I worked for that web design firm through the late 90’s, then an internet marketing company, then the photo, graphics and online media departments at our local newspaper.

Then I got recruited by a national franchising company where I learned the secrets of business success from a billionaire mentorand traveled the country teaching small business owners how to win with better sales and systems.

Then came the years in church ministry, helping people connect with God and others first through music, then through preaching, then through consulting for churches to help them with their technology needs.

All this time I was both applying and adding to what I learned from my degree in Communication Studies: how to create and share clear messages that connect with people and move them to take action.

Now, as we enter a new world of AI-driven tools and unprecedented change, I’ve taken all of these things and pulled them together, along with a world-class team, to do one simple thing …

Help you drive uncommon results by unlocking the Human Advantage.

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