FOR THE PAST 20 YEARS, I’ve been helping people get happier, healthier and more fulfilled in their life, work and relationships by reaching their next level of True Success.

I’ve helped:

  • Business owners build the life and company they always wanted
  • Churches connect more deeply with faith, hope and love
  • Families grow stronger and closer together
  • Teams achieve bigger wins and greater growth, and
  • All kinds of people get equipped and inspired to become the best version of themselves.

Photo credit: Elendra Gonzales (3 years old)

As a Sales Coach, I’ve helped business owners learn and implement systems that enabled them to gain the right skills, take the right steps, and overcome their internal and external obstacles so they could live the life they always wanted and reach a greater level of success.

As a Worship Leader, I’ve helped churches connect more deeply with faith, hope and love. I’ve helped them get inspired to align their hearts and priorities with the things that matter most so they can experience more meaning and power in their lives.

As a Pastor, I’ve helped people make major breakthroughs in their life, work and relationships so they can grow into the best version of themselves and flourish like never before. I’ve done this by helping them learn key truths and principles to know God more deeply, see themselves more clearly, and relate to others more healthily. I’ve also helped people work through heartache, trauma, dysfunction and pain to find healing and wholeness on the other side, and helped them experience the joy and fulfillment of committing themselves to a higher purpose.

As a Church Consultant, I’ve helped ministry teams get the training and tools they need to take their services to the next level and achieve a higher standard of excellence. I’ve helped them get closer as a team and get better as providers of transformative experiences.

As a Marketing Consultant, I’ve helped business leaders learn the principles and develop the skills and tools to grow their companies in healthy and sustainable ways. I’ve helped them upgrade and amplify their reach, influence, and sales, and I’ve helped them turn their chaos into clarity and develop winning strategies to take their business to the next level.

As a Writer, Speaker and Performer, I’ve helped people get equipped and inspired to take their next steps toward growth, and helped them discover the truth, hope, and confidence they need to live fuller, more meaningful lives.

What’s next?

Helping YOU.


Phillip Gonzales is a Purpose Coach, Business Consultant and Motivational Speaker whose passion and purpose is to inspire and empower as many people as possible to build a better world.

For over 20 years, Phillip has been helping people and organizations reach their next level of growth through life-changing principles, strategies and tools.

Phillip and his wife, Heather, live with their children in Babcock Ranch, Florida, the first solar-powered town in America, and love staying active in their church and community.