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Hi, my name is Phillip, and I help people and companies grow so we can build a better world together. Why? Because I believe your life was made to matter, and I’d love to help you discover how!


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If you want to feel like your work matters, I can help you get there!

Through my coaching and training service, the Purpose Finder Co., I help people like you find deeper purpose in their work so they can do work that makes a difference.

We start with an in-depth journey to discover what purposeful work really means, what people really want, and what you and/or your company really have to offer. Then we work together to craft your Purpose statement (why you’re here), Mission statement (what you do) and Big Picture Vision (the legacy you want to leave). From there, we can help you build your brand, design your goals, and develop a strategy to reach them.

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If you want to grow your business, I can help you do it!

Adriel Partners is my consulting company, and we help companies like yours grow through better messaging, marketing and sales.

Through our Clarity services, we can help you develop your brand messaging (what you’re saying), identify your core customers (who you’re serving), and refine your marketing and sales strategies (how you’re connecting the dots). Through our Creative services, we can design and develop your websites, logos and print pieces, and help you write content that connects.

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If you want your faith to make a difference, here are three ways I’d love to help you grow.

“God’s Hope for Your Heart” is a devotional book series that will take you through the entire New Testament, finding hope in every chapter. Each volume includes encouraging daily entries, plus a special journaling section to help you write down thoughts of your own.

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Outpost Church Ministries helps people and churches become outposts of a faith that changes the world.

We are currently transitioning from meeting as a local church to operating as a resourcing ministry focused on offering three services: practical and inspiring Bible teaching, forward-thinking Church team training, and special nights of worship and encouragement to help people encounter God.

Let’s Read the Bible is a series of teaching videos that will take you through the entire New Testament, exploring each book, chapter and verse for what it means to us today.

Originally aired as a daily live video Bible Study, now the videos are organized for easy access at and can also be found directly on

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I’d love to help you:
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• Grow your SELF
• Grow your FAITH

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