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Hi, my name is Phillip, and I help business leaders go from feeling frustrated, bored and stuck to free fulfilled and significant by bringing profit and purpose together.

I was a burned-out pastor and a failed entrepreneur, and I was about to call it quits.
I knew I had skills and talents, a great network of support, and access to all the resources I needed to succeed…but something was missing.
I kept trying one thing after another, desperately seeking a sense of progress to make me feel like what I was doing MATTERED.
I poured myself into my marketing business and it started working. Sales were mounting, customers were coming in, but it all felt so…hollow.
I had ZERO passion for what I was doing, and that hollow performance was taking its toll.
I knew that I was at a place where I had to make a decision.
THIS was a crossroads where I would have to make a choice. Either I would have to give up the fight for independence and try to find a job somewhere, or I would have to find a way to take MASSIVE ACTION to try and break out of the cycle of boredom and frustration.
I chose the massive action.
I decided to invest in a coaching program that cost FAR more than I had ever considered spending on personal development before. I told myself it would be okay, because “I would make the money back quickly anyway.” 
But I didn’t.
I watched tons of excellent trainings, got GREAT insight and help from the coaches, but something was still…missing.
Before long I started to panic because I knew if I didn’t make something happen soon, I had NO options left that I could see.
I was over-leveraged in my finances, over-committed in my time, and over-stressed with trying to make everything work.
I was exhausted.
I would wake up every morning and listen to a “Morning Motivation” playlist to help me feel better about myself and my day, and things would start off well…for a while.
Just like clockwork, though, most days would find me back “down” again by afternoon, wondering where in the world I was going and what on earth I was going to do.
Then I found it.
The answer, the missing piece, the KEY to fixing every one of these problems, finally “clicked”, and the MOMENT this breakthrough happened, it’s like a light turned on in my soul and a jet engine turned on in my life.
Instead of trying to prod myself into a good mindset every morning like before, now I would wake up with a fresh vigor because I KNEW what I did that day would really matter.
Instead of feeling like a failure every evening like I used to, now I would look back on the day with a smile because I KNEW that I had actually made a difference in someone’s life that day.
My FAMILY noticed the change.
My BODY noticed the change.
My BANK account noticed the change.
When I finally “connected the dots” to this one missing piece, it changed everything.
So, how about you?
Did you wake up this morning feeling energized because you KNEW what you did today would really matter?
Did you go to bed last night feeling fulfilled because you KNEW you made a difference in someone’s life yesterday?
If you didn’t…would you like to?
What if I could walk you through the same steps that transformed my life, and do it in half the time and at a fraction of the cost it took me?
What if I could show you a simple and practical process to make 3 Life-Changing Mental Breakthroughs that will help you start living the life of freedom and fulfillment you’ve always wanted?
Would you want to see it?
Would you want to invest in it?
If you would, all you have to do is click the link below to schedule a free Strategy Session, and I’ll show you how to take your life from frustrated and bored to free and fulfilled in 45 days or less.

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