Authority is an amplifier for growth.

If you’ve been looking for a rock-solid game plan to unlock more revenue for your business or more advancement in your career, you’ve found it.

After years of working with a wide array of entrepreneurs, experts, coaches, consultants and high-value service professionals, authors Phillip Gonzales and Mike Yap have discovered there’s one game-changing difference between the people who constantly struggle online and those that are wildly successful: authority.

Simply put: the more you build your authority, the more you guarantee your success.

This book is focused on helping you build on the best business networking platform, LinkedIn, with the aim of helping you use these strategies to see success on the platform without putting in a ton of extra leg work.

No matter what platform you prefer, though, the proven principles and battle-tested tactics in “The Underground Authority Code” are your ticket to better positioning yourself as an authority figure and industry expert in your Market.

Success takes more than good grades.

In these pages, you’ll find a research-backed and time-tested approach to helping students of all ages unlock their greatest potential, not just in academics, but in life.

We wrote this book because we are parents who have seen firsthand the problems in public education.

Perhaps like you, we’ve had gut-wrenching conversations with other parents who don’t know how to best support their children and prepare them for future success.

We’ve seen firsthand the frustration, helplessness, and feelings of overwhelm that parents and children both experience trying to navigate public education today.

If you feel the same way or you’ve been there yourself, we wrote this book for you.

Could you use more hope in your life?

"God's Hope for Your Heart" Devotional Book Series

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