3 Ways your iPhone 5 will KILL you in an iPhone 12 world.

This is my old iPhone 5. It still works…kind of. I am FAMILIAR with it… but there’s a problem: familiarity can KILL our future. Here’s how. 1) It LULLS us into complacency so we don’t take action where it counts. The thing about complacency is we usually don’t FEEL we’re being complacent. We think we […]

What a “ghost-town” theme park taught me about Purpose in life

There’s an eerie feeling you get when you visit a place designed for crowds and you find yourself nearly alone. Last week my family and I went with some friends to Legoland Florida for a “last-hurrah” before my son started school. Although we had a great time, it was also a strange experience to be […]

How to Keep Growing Your Business Without Losing Your Spouse and Kids (pt. 1)

A man signing a contract, possibly a divorce

If you’re 100% sure your growing business or career is NOT causing ANY issues in your relationships, feel free to skip this post. BUT, if your progress at work is causing tension at home, if your company focus is causing stress with your family, and if you can feel the fabric of your relationships fraying […]

How I Went from Selling Donuts to Selling Drugs (& why that’s a good thing)

When I was 16, I stopped selling donuts and started selling drugs, and it was one of the best decisions I ever made. Strange way to start a post? Let me explain… After several months of interning at a shop that repaired electronic typewriters, I applied for and got my first ever “real” job: running […]

How to Gain 200 Extra Minutes Each Week Without Spending a Dime

Do you feel like there’s never enough time each week to get everything done in your business? What about the rest of your life…feeling overwhelmed with all the stuff you have to do? If a 20-minute fix could give you 200 minutes back, would you want it? I thought so. Here’s the scoop, as quickly […]

The Hidden Link Between Healthy Sex and Healthy Sales

I saw a Facebook post the other day from a man who came to this conclusion about his wife’s role in their sex life (paraphrased for clarity): “She’s here to meet my needs, and if she doesn’t, I’ll meet them myself.” When I read that person’s post and the way he had objectified his wife, […]

What “Frozen 2” Taught Me About Building a Successful Life and Business

My daughter is 3 and she LOVES all things “Frozen” so naturally, I’ve seen “Frozen 2” about 4,832 times. But something hit me the other day that is SUCH a powerful growth lesson that I had to share it. In the opening section of the movie, Queen Elsa hears a mysterious voice and responds like […]