Success and Imagination

The greatest barrier to your True Success is your imagination.

You dream too small and so you do not strive.

You dream too big without clarity so you feel overwhelmed and do not take action.

Or you dream that you are not the “kind of person” who can, would, or should do these things, and so you don’t.

But it’s all in your head.

The truth us, only you can decide which version of “you” to be each day.

You see, all the versions of “you” that you’ve ever been are sitting in the closet of your mind, ready to be put on.

You can choose the uniform of failure, and because you believe you’re likely to fail, you will.

You can choose the uniform of “others-driven” success, and because you believe you need other people’s approval to feel successful, you’ll do anything to get it.

OR you can choose the uniform of True Success: finding and being the best version of you for the good of all people and the glory of God.

When you choose that uniform, amazing things can happen.

Because you believe God has more in store for you, you begin to make progress faster than you ever thought possible … because now you believe it’s possible.

This is not a kind of “manifestation.”

Rather, it is a kind of magnification in which the more clearly you focus on becoming the best version of you (the one God intended you to be) the more naturally you will take consistent action to make that person a reality.

Imagine that.


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