The Difference Between Talent and Skill, and Why it Matters to You

“Do you see a person skilled in his work? He will stand before kings.” –Proverbs 22:29a I read a proverb the other day that got me thinking… why are some people so incredibly TALENTED, but don’t make nearly as much of their lives as they could have? Here’s an answer to consider: The distance between […]

Winning at Work but Losing at Home? Here’s 3 Ways to Fix it

If your family moved out tomorrow, would you know why? Don’t get me wrong; I’m not suggesting something like that WILL happen, simply posing the question that if it DID happen, would you understand the reasons behind it? Let me explain. It’s usually pretty easy to tell if we’re “winning” at work. Sales numbers, customer […]

God wants to give you a legacy

God’s Hope for Your Heart from Psalm 45 GOD WANTS TO GIVE YOU A LEGACY In place of your fathers shall be your sons; you will make them princes in all the earth.  (Psalm 45:16) All throughout Scripture we see the theme of “passing it on.” Moses leaves the Ten Commandments to teach the children of Israel […]