RADIO – The Storm & the Stars

In every season of life there are storms that come our way. Maybe for you it’s a relationship or a resource issue. Perhaps it’s a health concern or a matter of the heart. Whatever it is, in Christ there is good news for you if you’re willing to see it! Join Pastor Phillip Gonzales in […]

RADIO – 02 The People We Belong To [The People We Become]

What does a “successful” Christian life look like? What’s the goal, and how do we get there? Even more importantly, what’s the point? Join Pastor Phillip Gonzales as he shares how God desires the lives of His people to move in a particular rhythm, and how we don’t have to strive because Jesus is the […]

RADIO – 01 Believing, Becoming & Brownies [The People We Become]

Every decision you make is changing you, molding you, transforming you into a person who will be different tomorrow than the person you were today, last week, and last year. The only question is, are you becoming the person GOD wants you to be?   Study Guide (with Scripture references) Study Guide – 01 Believing, […]

RADIO – 04 Destiny’s Child [My Name Is…]

Sooner or later everybody asks the age-old question, “Why am I here?”  Countless thinkers and authors have tried to address it, and countless people have struggled with trying to discover their purpose in life.  Yet, the Bible has a clear answer, and it’s good news! Join Pastor Phillip Gonzales in exploring how in Christ, we […]

RADIO – 03 If They Only Knew [My Name Is…]

Almost all of us have something in our past (or present) that we’re not proud of.  Whatever it is, we wonder and worry about how the people around us would react if they only knew. If you know what that feels like (or even if you don’t) join Pastor Phillip Gonzales for a word of encouragement […]

RADIO – 02 Family Matters [My Name Is…]

Do you ever have “issues” with your family?  Join Pastor Phillip Gonzales for a message of hope about what family can look like in the Kingdom. — NOTE: This teaching was broadcast on “The Heritage Hour,” the weekly radio program of Dr. Mark P. Gonzales.  It airs in Fort Myers, FL at 8:00am on Saturday […]

RADIO: The Catamaran – Heritage Hour 05/19/12

Do you ever feel like you’re just not going anywhere?
Stability. It’s someone almost everyone wants, but what about when you’re stable, but don’t seem to be going anywhere? Join Pastor Phillip Gonzales for the conclusion of “The Cat, the Ketchup, & the Catamaran: unlocking the power of the Christian life.”

RADIO: The Cat – Heritage Hour 05/03/12

Have you ever been in a season where you’re trying to connect with God and live the Christian life, but when you do the things you always have, it seems like you’re frustrated at every turn? I have, and I’ve discovered that in those seasons, there are three roadblocks that are often the culprit. Join me in exploring how to overcome them in part one of a three-part series I call “The Cat, the Ketchup, & the Catamaran: unlocking the power of the Christian life”.