Jesus’ second ministry: the WORD (Luke 5:1)

As the crowd was pressing in on Jesus to hear God’s word, He was standing by Lake Gennesaret.  (Luke 5:1) People came for the miracles, but they stayed for the message.  They were drawn in by the wonders, but they were hungry for the word. Credibility and interest can be built by the supernatural power […]

God Wants to Build You Up, Not Beat You Down

Have you ever felt “beaten down” by the Bible? “With my lips I declare all the rules of your mouth.  In the way of Your testimonies I delight as much as in all riches.”  -Psalm 119:13-14 I once heard that in Australia (and a few other places) they have a concept called “Tall Poppy Syndrome.” […]

Progress in the Kingdom Looks a Lot Like Retreat

Do you ever feel like your walk with Christ is “three steps forward, two steps back?” Relax, it’s normal. The journey of discipleship is not a linear progression like the building of a tower.  It is a cyclical journey like the growth of a tree.  (Read more about towers and trees here.) The process progresses […]