God wants to take away your shame

God’s Hope for Your Heart from Psalm 34 GOD WANTS TO TAKE AWAY YOUR SHAME I sought the Lord, and He answered me and delivered me from all my fears.  Those who look to Him are radiant, and their faces shall never be ashamed.  (Psalm 34:4-5) Shame.  Sometimes it creeps in quietly, growing like an […]

Many Afflictions

If God is “for me”, why should I have afflictions at all, much less ‘many’ of them? “Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivers him out them all.” -Psalm 34:19 Yesterday’s post was a reminder that for all of those who are “in Christ”, God is FOR them and on their […]

The Eyes of the Lord (2)

Ever wonder if God is on your side? “The eyes of the Lord are toward the righteous and His ears toward their cry.” -Psalm 34:15 (ESV) The GREAT news of the Gospel is that in Christ, our righteousness depends not on our performance but His, not on our worthiness but His alone. Therefore, this passage […]

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