Ecuador 2012 – Day 7

When you’ve been waking up at 5:45 all week, 7:30 feels like a luxury.
Morning came with a leisurely delay on the seventh day of our mission trip to Ecuador…

Ecuador 2012 – Day 6

If there’s one thing that construction workers hate worse than a hot sun, it’s rain. As morning dawned in Misahualli on Day 6 of our mission trip to Ecuador, the skies were filled with charcoal clouds and sporadic drips of rain.  By breakfast, the inconsistent drizzle had blossomed into a full-blown thunder storm, complete with […]

Ecuador 2012 – Day 5

You know you’re in the jungle when a monkey steals your seat.
As Day 5 of our Ecuador mission trip began, the monkeys were up and ready to go from the break of dawn. Whether playing in the park or running all over the roof of our hostel during breakfast, they made quite a racket but were lots of fun to watch.

Ecuador 2012 – Day 4

They say the best way to learn a language is “cultural immersion”.
If that’s true, then the second day of building in Misahualli was a perfect learning experience for the construction team as they found themselves in what the Ecuadorians call “lodo”.

In English, we call it mud.

Ecuador 2012 – Day 3

Construction is hard work in any language.
Day 3 of our mission trip was the first day of construction at the Jungle Kids campus, and it was work for sure… but totally worth it indeed.

Ecuador 2012 – Day 2

The serpentine road flowed like a river of asphalt through the crags of the Ecuadorian mountains. For hours and hours we sat, the well-appointed bus cradling us in relative comfort as we wound our way down from Quito’s 9,350 feet above sea level to the 1,500ft elevation of Misahualli. The morning had brought a huge […]

Ecuador 2012 – Day 1

Thank God, the journey was uneventful. (NOTE: Ecuador 2012 posts will be more informal and conversational since I’m writing quickly as often as I get internet access. Don’t expect Pulitzer-prize winning journalism, just some notes from the road 🙂 From loading the rental cars in Fort Myers to checking bags in Miami, the Stateside leg […]

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