How to Know the Heart of God

“This is why I don’t do hiking.” The day was beautiful, with clear skies over the shadow-filled canyon; the perfect day for an excursion into nature.  I was staying at a friend’s house in the hills of northeast Georgia, and Taluah Falls Gorge had been calling my name all week. Apparently, flatlanders like me get […]

Why Should I Confess My Sins to Other People?

As a pastor, I often get questions of a more theological nature. Thursdays are the day I like to post some on the blog. Enjoy! —Pastor Phillip The other day  I got a text message from a friend: “I’m reading James 5:16, which says, ‘Confess your sins to each other so that you may be […]

Perspective Changes Everything

I really, really enjoyed raking the leaves. The air was chilly and dry, with a bright winter sun overhead as the swooshing of the rake filled the silence of the morning. Little piles of crunchy, paper-thin tree droppings started to stack up all around me, and I smiled as it struck me: I really, really […]

Thank God for who He is

Scripture Notes on Psalm 7 “I will give to the Lord the thanks due to His righteousness.”  -Psalm 7:17 Do you only thank God for what He’s DONE, or for who He IS? It is natural and right to thank God for the good He has done for us.  His actions on behalf of His […]