4/14 Global Summit Day 1: Spice and Purpose

I tried Kimchi today. Not some watered-down Americanized version you’d find at a chain food joint, but real, honest-to-goodness Kimchi made by our Korean hosts. The verdict: spicy but goooood!  It’s the kind of spice that spreads itself around in your mouth to liven up any other flavors around it, which was excellent because here […]

4/14 Global Summit: The light of things hoped for

I’m writing this from the sixth floor of the DoubleTree Hotel in Fort Lee, New Jersey. The sun has long since set and my eyes are heavy and ready for sleep, but though my body is tired, my spirit sings because tomorrow is the first day of the 4/14 Window Global Summit. For days and […]

VIDEO: The Icarus Account live show

A few weeks ago I had the chance to go see some friends of mine play at the Gulf Coast Town Center, and had my video camera with me. Well, I finally got the editing done and the video up. If you like “The Icarus Account”, or just enjoy good music, check it out!
– Phillip