4/14 Global Summit Day 1: Spice and Purpose

I tried Kimchi today. Not some watered-down Americanized version you’d find at a chain food joint, but real, honest-to-goodness Kimchi made by our Korean hosts.

The verdict: spicy but goooood!  It’s the kind of spice that spreads itself around in your mouth to liven up any other flavors around it, which was excellent because here on Day 1 of the 4/14 Window Global Summit in New York City, they fed us well!  We had started the morning with breakfast at the hotel (the DoubleTree Hotel in Fort Lee, New Jersey to be exact), after which we hopped aboard the spacious and comfortable busses provided for the conference attendees.

nyc_bridge1As we wound our way through the surprisingly open streets of first New Jersey, then New York, the bus was filled with the joyful chatter of a hundred new friendships forming on the foundation of Christ, punctuated with an occasional round of singing as we praised the Lord together on the way to Promise Church.

Promise Church is housed in a tall, multi-purpose building in the Flushing area of New York, right on the edge of Manhattan.  Driving up the building is quite striking, more akin to an office building than a traditional house of worship.  The inside though, is lovely and inviting.  I’ll try to put up some photos in a later post, but suffice it the say that that the facility of the church was as warm and friendly as its people.

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4/14 Global Summit: The light of things hoped for

I’m writing this from the sixth floor of the DoubleTree Hotel in Fort Lee, New Jersey. The sun has long since set and my eyes are heavy and ready for sleep, but though my body is tired, my spirit sings because tomorrow is the first day of the 4/14 Window Global Summit.

For days and weeks now, wonderful men and women have been preparing the way for this very special event; an event that itself is the result of many more people sensing the call of God on their lives to pour His life into “the least of these”, children ages 4-14.

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