The Surprising Connection Between Bed-Wetting and Burnout

Last night my daughter wet her bed (not normal), and I learned something about burnout. She showed up at 1:40am, crying and knocking quietly on our door. I could tell she felt sorry and embarrassed at the “accident,” but I sensed something else hurt her 4-year-old heart even more. She was feeling alone. So I […]

Houses and Fields

If you want to build a meaningful life you love, which is more important, improving your work or improving your self? Consider this…  For some, it’s all too easy to spend most of our time improving our “house.” We tweak our business brand assets, constantly read and watch new personal growth material, and are relentless […]

Do the Work

Discipline is not a natural thing. By its very nature, discipline is about self-control, making ourselves do things we wouldn’t naturally do. But we must do the work of disciplining ourselves if we want the discipline to work. Planning and strategizing, as important as they are, will never produce results in and of themselves. Only action can […]

3 Ways to **Guarantee** You NEVER Feel Successful (3 of 3)

Do you want to feel successful every day? Well… this is part 3 of how to NEVER feel that way, but if you’ve read the other two parts, you do NOT want to miss this one because it’s the lynchpin of the whole thing. (By the way, you DID pick up on the whole “reverse […]

3 Ways to **Guarantee** You NEVER Feel Successful (2 of 3)

If you’re a “producer” and are getting some wins, way to go! You might be basking in the glow of your success, but there’s the thing… If you’d rather NOT feel successful, there are three EASY ways to make sure that no matter how many goals you achieve, you never, EVER feel like a True […]

3 Ways to **Guarantee** You NEVER Feel Successful (1 of 3)

So you’ve hit some goals? Congratulations! You’re probably riding high and feeling good right now. BUT, if you’d rather NOT feel successful, I have good news! There are three easy ways to make sure that… • No matter how many milestones you reach, • No matter how much money you earn, and • No matter […]

One MAJOR Difference Between People Who Prosper and People Who Don’t

What does it take to truly “prosper” in life and business? Some people believe there are no “silver bullet solutions,” and that relentless work alone can make you a success. I disagree. I believe there ARE a select group of principles and habits that have an incredibly outsized influence (both positive and negative) on the […]

The Difference Between Talent and Skill, and Why it Matters to You

“Do you see a person skilled in his work? He will stand before kings.” –Proverbs 22:29a I read a proverb the other day that got me thinking… why are some people so incredibly TALENTED, but don’t make nearly as much of their lives as they could have? Here’s an answer to consider: The distance between […]

If You’re Doing This, it’s Harming Your Prospects and Hurting Your Sales

I have problem: I like making people feel better. Why is that a problem, you ask? Isn’t it a GOOD thing to help people feel better? Not necessarily…  Consider an ER doctor who receives a patient who’s been shot in the chest. What would you say if that doctor prescribed a band-aid for the bleeding […]