How Are You Doing on the “Not Covid Test”?

A few weeks ago I got sick and wondered what everyone does these days… “Is it Covid? It turns out it wasn’t, but… I was still down for the count for two days. It wasn’t the worst-case scenario, but it still short-circuited my progress for a week and made me miserable. Here’s how this relates […]

3 Ways your iPhone 5 will KILL you in an iPhone 12 world.

This is my old iPhone 5. It still works…kind of. I am FAMILIAR with it… but there’s a problem: familiarity can KILL our future. Here’s how. 1) It LULLS us into complacency so we don’t take action where it counts. The thing about complacency is we usually don’t FEEL we’re being complacent. We think we […]