Every New Day

Every new day is a new page, blank on one side and covered on the other with all that has come before. You cannot change what has already been written, but you CAN choose what you will write today. You CAN choose to be informed but not controlled by yesterday’s words. You CAN choose to […]

What a Snake Reminded Me About Fear

On a bike ride with my family the other day, a black snake darted right across our path. Thankfully, we simply rolled on by and it slithered off into the bushes, but the encounter got me thinking of a familiar phrase: “It’s more afraid of you than you are of it.” The reason that phrase […]

Your Past Does Not Define Your Future

There is so much sin, failure, and wrong in the lineage of Jesus recorded in Matthew 1 that you might think these people would be disqualified from being the forbearers of the Messiah. But God is ALWAYS using imperfect people to work out his perfect plans. When you see the wrong in your own past […]

Two Surprising Insights From Jeff Bezos & Captain Kirk (pt. 1)

Did you hear Captain Kirk finally made it to space for real? Last week, 90-year-old William Shatner not only became the oldest person ever to travel to outer space, but did so as the guest of Amazon and Blue Origin founder Jeff Bezos. As I watched the live video feed of the four space travelers […]

3 Ways to Know for SURE That Your Work Really Matters

Have you ever woken up one morning and asked yourself, “Does what I do every day really MATTER?” Maybe the money is coming in just fine, but it doesn’t feel meaningful, it’s not fulfilling anymore, and you wonder if your vocation is really making a difference. If that’s you, here’s a simple process I use for myself […]

Why “Balance Work and Family” is Terrible Advice (& What to Do Instead)

Have you heard the advice about “balancing work and family” if you want to keep your life from falling apart? What if it’s WRONG? What if “balance” between these two things is not only impossible to maintain, but is actually harmful to pursue if you want both your company and your family to thrive? If you’re committed […]

This One Simple Change Will Help You Love Your Work Again

If you’re feeling 100% happy and fulfilled by your work, STOP READING NOW. This post isn’t for you. But…maybe you’re NOT happy. Maybe your work feels empty right now. Maybe you put in your time at the office (or log in from home) and the money rolls in, but it all feels so…hollow. And maybe […]

How Grinding Coffee Helps us Grow

coffee beans in black container

Is it true that people who grind their own coffee are 38% more likely to be successful in life??? … …I have no idea, but keep reading for how grinding coffee DOES teach us something about personal growth. 😉  Every morning I grind my coffee fresh. Well, a machine does it for me, but I […]

The Greatest Paycheck Ever

green plant on brown round coins

I REMEMBER WHEN MY FIRST $50,000 CHECK FAILED ME. I was in my early 20s when I got it and I had never seen that much money before. Now, here it was, a $50,000 check made out to me, and it felt AMAZING until… … …just a few days went by. It turns out the […]

Opportunity Profit

white round wall clock at 2:25

“THIS is a total waste of my time…” Ever feel that way about a task, like what you’re doing SERIOUSLY isn’t worth your energy? Ever feel that way about a person? I struggled with this for a long time because while I believe all people DO matter in a spiritual sense, I couldn’t see a […]

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