How Are You Doing on the “Not Covid Test”?

A few weeks ago I got sick and wondered what everyone does these days… “Is it Covid? It turns out it wasn’t, but… I was still down for the count for two days. It wasn’t the worst-case scenario, but it still short-circuited my progress for a week and made me miserable. Here’s how this relates […]

I Never Knew What My Old Watch Was Costing Me

It’s easy to assume the current way you’re working, living, and operating is just “the way things are.” Until you discover a better way. It’s easy to expect to be tired and frustrated and keep spinning your wheels because “that’s the way life is sometimes.” Until you see someone do it differently. For Christmas I […]

What “the Toilet Paper Crisis” of 2020 Reveals About Burnout

Remember when the whole world lost their mind over toilet paper? Stores couldn’t keep it in stock. People hoarded it and treated it like gold. Did you ever wonder why that happened? The truth is, toilet paper is nice but not as crucial as most of us felt in the heat of the moment. People […]

3 Signs You Might Be Suffering From the “Hidden Pandemic”

If you didn’t know there are TWO pandemics going on, this could be the wake-up call you need to keep yourself safe. Jennifer Moss is an author, journalist and workplace expert who discovered something shocking in 2020. She found evidence of a major increase in a devastating condition that affects knowledge workers, entrepreneurs and millennials […]

3 Ways to **Guarantee** You NEVER Feel Successful (3 of 3)

Do you want to feel successful every day? Well… this is part 3 of how to NEVER feel that way, but if you’ve read the other two parts, you do NOT want to miss this one because it’s the lynchpin of the whole thing. (By the way, you DID pick up on the whole “reverse […]

3 Ways to **Guarantee** You NEVER Feel Successful (2 of 3)

If you’re a “producer” and are getting some wins, way to go! You might be basking in the glow of your success, but there’s the thing… If you’d rather NOT feel successful, there are three EASY ways to make sure that no matter how many goals you achieve, you never, EVER feel like a True […]

3 Ways to **Guarantee** You NEVER Feel Successful (1 of 3)

So you’ve hit some goals? Congratulations! You’re probably riding high and feeling good right now. BUT, if you’d rather NOT feel successful, I have good news! There are three easy ways to make sure that… • No matter how many milestones you reach, • No matter how much money you earn, and • No matter […]

3 Ways your iPhone 5 will KILL you in an iPhone 12 world.

This is my old iPhone 5. It still works…kind of. I am FAMILIAR with it… but there’s a problem: familiarity can KILL our future. Here’s how. 1) It LULLS us into complacency so we don’t take action where it counts. The thing about complacency is we usually don’t FEEL we’re being complacent. We think we […]

What “Frozen 2” Taught Me About Building a Successful Life and Business

My daughter is 3 and she LOVES all things “Frozen” so naturally, I’ve seen “Frozen 2” about 4,832 times. But something hit me the other day that is SUCH a powerful growth lesson that I had to share it. In the opening section of the movie, Queen Elsa hears a mysterious voice and responds like […]