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I Never Knew What My Old Watch Was Costing Me

It’s easy to assume the current way you’re working, living, and operating is just “the way things are.”

Until you discover a better way.

It’s easy to expect to be tired and frustrated and keep spinning your wheels because “that’s the way life is sometimes.”

Until you see someone do it differently.

For Christmas I got an Apple Watch Series 5 to replace my first generation Fitbit versa, and it opened my eyes to something I never saw before.

I didn’t realize how slow my watch was until I compared it with something better.

I didn’t know how many features it lacked until I saw how much more a watch can do.

This isn’t to hate on Fitbit, they make a great products. It’s just that I didn’t know that by sticking with “the way things are” I was missing out on so much joy a new way of doing things could bring.

When you’re willing to stop assuming and start questioning, something amazing can happen.

You can discover a whole new world right in front of you that you never saw before, and it’s a good one.

You can find out it IS possible to live with more freedom, more money and more joy than you ever thought possible,

if you’re willing to find and take the steps to get there.

So, of you’re not **100% SATISFIED** with how your life, work and relationships are operating right now, can I ask you a question?

Do you believe this is “as good as it get” or are you willing to explore the possibility that things could be far better?

Here’s why this willingness matters: When you say “yes” to new possibilities, you set yourself up for new opportunities.

The question is, what are you going to do to take that step?

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