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Consistent Fruit (Luke 3:8)

Therefore produce fruit consistent with repentance.  And don’t start saying to yourself, “We have Abraham as our father,” for I tell you that God is able to raise up children for Abraham from these stones!  (Luke 3:8)

There’s no point in saying “Jesus changed my life” if your life hasn’t really changed.  Anyone can pray a prayer at a youth camp or an altar call and feel like they’re a brand new person.

True salvation is evidenced not by “feeling brand new” in our heart (though that’s a nice bonus), but by becoming brand new in the real world.

This doesn’t mean that if we aren’t instantly changed in every area that our salvation is a sham.  Rather, it means that instead of using Jesus as a free pass to live like we used to, we follow Him as an empowering example to live like we should.

–Pastor Phillip

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