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The Speech and the Glory

What results do your words produce?

“Immediately an angel of the Lord struck [Herod] down, because he did not give God the glory… But the word of God increased and multiplied.” -Acts 12:23-24

Herod gives a great oration, a powerful speech that causes all those who hear it to respond in praise, but not to God.  Herod wows the crowd and receives their adoration gladly, but the end result is both judgement for him and an end to his words.

BUT the Word of God goes out in power.

As if in contrast to the word of man, this Word both increases (linearly) and multiplies (exponentially), proof of God’s favor and His desire for His rightful glory.

Let us not seek to impress with our own words, but to incarnate His (“flesh them out”), for when our words give glory to God, He is faithful to make them effective and fruitful for the Kingdom.

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