The Speech and the Glory

What results do your words produce? “Immediately an angel of the Lord struck [Herod] down, because he did not give God the glory… But the word of God increased and multiplied.” -Acts 12:23-24 Herod gives a great oration, a powerful speech that causes all those who hear it to respond in praise, but not to […]

When I Preach

What makes a good sermon? Ask ten people and you’ll probably get twelve opinions, but as for me, I try to ask myself these four questions when I preach a message. Is it PERSONAL? Why would I want to hear someone tell me about my problems or possibilities without admitting to any of theirs? Why […]

When Jesus Speaks

If there’s anything you can’t accuse Jesus of, it’s being a people-pleaser…

To Hear Him

When Jesus speaks, what is He like?
“Now the tax collectors and sinners were all drawing near to hear Him.” -Luke 15:1
How striking that the down-and-outs and outcasts of society were coming to Jesus not just because of the miracles (like many), but to “hear Him”. Something in His was and His words drew them in for more…