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We weren’t going anywhere.

Stuck sitting in a Thursday morning traffic jam is not a fun thing when you have places to go and people to meet.

That’s probably what prompted the white pickup truck behind me to finally pull off the road and begin making his way brashly through the closed-down construction of the new lanes. Bypassing the line, I watched him weave past potholes and trenches and “road closed” signs until he finally stopped, dead-ended as his “shortcut” came to an end.

As I caught up to him and passed by at last, I smiled triumphantly.

It got me thinking, though. Don’t I do that sometimes, too? Don’t I get impatient with my circumstances and try to jump out of line and take a shortcut?

Don’t you?

Sometimes those shortcuts we take end up taking us places we don’t want to go. Sometimes they end up making us wait longer than ever. Maybe sometimes it’s best to just sit where we are, be a little patient, and trust that God’s still on His throne.

Even traffic jams have to move eventually.

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