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Like a Person

As a customer, do you ever feel “processed”?

I avoid long lines at Starbucks (and other places) because I don’t want to be processed as part of a batch. I want to be treated like a person.

Here’s a question I’m forced to ask myself, though. What about when the tables are turned? Do others feel “processed” by me when I don’t take the time to engage them as people?

Here’s what I’ve discovered: to be free to treat people as people, I must have clock time and mental space to do so. This requires managing my tasks and responsibilities well so I can be unhurried and unstressed in my dealings with others.

If I’m not able to be efficient with the checklists of my work, I’ll usually end up treating people like they are just one more box to check off.

–( selah )–

What things help you in your dealings with others? Let’s discuss it in the comments below…

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