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Jesus is your ultimate inheritance

God’s Hope for Your Heart from Acts 13


And we bring you the good news that what God promised to the fathers, this He has fulfilled to us their children by raising Jesus… (Acts 13:32-33a)

Inheritance rights are a big deal.  All throughout history and even in our own day, it’s more common than not to see families squabble and fight over who gets the most valuable items or amounts after a loved one dies.

Why is this?  Because we all want to have the best portion of the inheritance.

Make no mistake about this, though.  Above silver and gold, above lands and property, above stocks and bonds and heirlooms and memories and anything else you might receive, there is one thing you have coming to you that is far more valuable than anything else.  Not only that, but there is one thing you can pass on as a legacy that outshines anything else, too.


Maybe your family situation is pristine or maybe it’s problematic.  Maybe you have a great inheritance coming to you or maybe there’s nothing left but a string of unkept promises.  Maybe you have a great ability to leave an inheritance for those you love, or maybe you find yourself lacking in more ways than one.

Whatever your circumstance, don’t miss this simple but powerful promise from God.  If you’re in Christ, then Jesus Himself is God’s gift to you.  His presence is yours to experience, His power yours in which to walk.  His love is there for your peace, and His grace is yours in which to stand.

Rest in this promise today, and as you do, may you find hope in this truth: Jesus is your ultimate inheritance.

-Pastor Phillip

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