I create and share things
that are true, useful and beautiful
to help people build a better world
for the glory of God.

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Let’s Read the Bible! (daily video teaching)

Every morning at 7:30am (EST), I read through a passage of Scripture and share thoughts to help you understand and apply it.  You can join me live on Facebook  or YouTube (click the button below), or tune in later when you can.  Either way, I hope you’ll make the time to dig in to God’s Word with me.  Let’s read the Bible together!

Messages (from outpostChurch)

I’m honored to be the pastor of outpostChurch Ministries in Fort Myers, FL. As the primary teacher for our community, I get to share encouraging messages from the Bible on a regular basis. Click a button below to subscribe on iTunes or just listen online.


God’s Hope For Your Heart (daily devotional books)

A few years ago I was REALLY searching for hope in my life… and I found it in God’s Word.  God’s Hope for Your Heart is a series of devotional books that will help you discover HOPE in every chapter of the New Testament.

Teaching Sets (audio CD series)

I love to encourage people, and one of the ways I get to do that is through Bible teaching. Teaching Sets are audio collections of some of my best message series, designed to help you find HOPE for a better tomorrow and HELP to get you there.

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