AUDIO: Teaching on Philemon

Last night I had the privilege of sharing some thoughts on the book of Philemon at our Bible study, and we had a great time! For anyone interested, here is the audio of a message I call “True Slavery, True Freedom, and Love”. Blessings to you all. – Phillip [download id=”4″]

Social Media Integration map (version 1)

I have been learning more about ways to integrate WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, and wanted to put together a diagram to help illustrate how things connect, so that anyone else wanting to do the same might find it easier. This is the first version and definitely needs more refinement, but I thought I’d just […]

My first "Sermon" ever! (download audio)

What a blessing it was to be able to share with our church last Sunday.  I have had the privilege of speaking in front of people many, many times before, but this was my first actual “Sermon”.  It was interesting because I had definitely expected to be nervous, but as I started to share what […]