One of my favorite things to do is preach and teach in various contexts.  Whether it’s Saturday night gatherings of outpostChurch, traveling to preach at other churches on Sundays or the other odds-and-ends I get to do, it’s always a pleasure and a joy to open up God’s Word and try to encourage people in creative ways.  Here are some of the teaching series I’ve done…


You Are Called to Victory

A two-disc teaching series about discovering who we are in Christ, what we’re called to do, and some helpful steps to make it happen.
(**Plus, disc 1 includes three original demo songs.)


This resource is available for a suggested donation of $20.



The Cat, the Ketchup, & the Catamaran

Do you ever feel like something is “holding you back” in your walk with Christ? Maybe you’ve wanted to experience more of God’s power in your life but just can’t seem to figure out how. And what in the world does this have to do with cats, ketchup or catamarans? Join Pastor Phillip Gonzales to find the answers as we explore God’s Word to discover three keys to “unlocking the power of the Christian life” in this three-part series, “The Cat, the Ketchup, & the Catamaran.”


Messages from outpostChurch

outpostChurch exists to drive back the darkness with the light of Christ. We do this by living as outposts of the Kingdom of God who FOLLOW Jesus completely, LOVE people concretely and HELP others do the same. Our vision is to see lives changed for the glory of God through the power of Jesus Christ. These are the messages we’ve explored together thus far…

Your DYNAMIC Role in the Kingdom of God

Imagine a world with no sadness, no sickness, no pain; a world with no war, no poverty, no hunger. Now imagine that it’s actually possible. When the Bible paints its portrait of “The Kingdom of God”, these are the colors it uses. The even more exciting news is this: God IS building His Kingdom both here and in eternity, and He wants to use YOU to help make it happen. Join us as we discover how…

Nehemiah: Dreams, Destiny & Building Again

Have you ever examined your life and wondered, “Is this all there is?” Have you ever looked at the world around you and asked, “Can anything really change?” I have to believe that Nehemiah had the same questions in his day, and the good news is that they didn’t go ignored. As we journey through Nehemiah’s story, my prayer is that God will begin to show us how to live with hope, and just maybe, to dare to believe that we can be part of the answers.

Worship Beyond the Music

Ever wondered what the Bible REALLY says about “worship”? Is it just about music or is it a lifestyle?  Is it a lifestyle that covers everything or is it more specific than that?  Join us on a journey through God’s Word to find the answers together.