Sitting Shiva

I’ve never seen this grill before. I’m sitting on the worn striped seat cushion of an old metal chair.  Along with its three blue wire-frame counterparts and matching table, this chair has kept watch over my grandparents’ patio for years.  In front of me sits a new shiny new grill with a dozen settings and […]

On Reading

Do not so quickly rush by what you read that it has no opportunity to take hold of your heart and take root in your mind. Be still for a moment. Breathe. Write. Think. Pray. Be aware of the words you’ve just read, and let them have their way in you, for it is often […]

Praying WITH God

I am surrounded by water. A sky of cobalt is above me, rays of morning sun stream through the space between downtown high rises, and all around this concrete jetty are the black lapping waves of the Caloosahatchee River.  A cool breeze nudges the tinkling wind chimes on the deck of a nearby boat as […]