It all starts with "WHY".

Whether you’re:

  • A business leader looking for a “more than money” purpose in their work,
  • A purpose-minded person who wants to turn their passion into a business, or
  • A person looking for a partner with some insight to help you grow,

WHY is the foundational question for us all.

That’s why I recommend PurposeFinder as a great place to start for anyone looking to take their life and business to a greater level of significance and True Success.

Maybe you have no idea what your life and work are supposed to be about in the “big picture,” or maybe you’re already clued in to the true passion and purpose of your life.  Either way, we want to help you focus your “WHY” and “WHAT” into a format that is:

  • Simple enough for you to share clearly,
  • Sticky enough for others to remember, and
  • Solid enough for you to build a company on it.


PurposeFinder is a collaborative coaching program designed to help you discover and clarify:

  • WHY you do the work you do (or will be doing). We’ll craft this into your Purpose Statement.
  • WHAT specific solutions you bring to the market. We’ll craft this into your Mission Statement.


When we finish, you’ll have your Purpose Statement, your Mission Statement, plus a Personal Action Plan for how to implement them as you build your company and promote your solutions to the market.

Ready to find out if PurposeFinder is right for you?

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