Catalyst Coaching is your personal ticket to the breakthroughs you need to reach your greatest potential.

If you could use an outside perspective to help you gain more clarity, this is your solution.

If you could use a wide range of cross-disciplinary expertise to help you build better strategy, this is your solution.

If you could use a trusted partner to help you bring more order to your chaos and get better results, this your solution.

Catalyst Coaching is a strategic partnership designed to help leaders like you level-up in your life, work and relationships.

Through a combination of video training and live coaching sessions, we’ll work together to help you define what “True Success” looks like for you, discover what’s holding you back from achieving it, and design a Personal Success Plan to help you start making progress right away.

Along the way, I’ll help you gain deeper clarity and greater confidence in the areas you need it most by drawing on over 20 years of experience helping:

  • Business owners build the life and company they always wanted
  • Churches connect more deeply with faith, hope and love
  • Families grow stronger and closer together
  • Teams achieve bigger wins and greater growth, and
  • All kinds of people get equipped and inspired to become the best version of themselves.

By the time we’re finished, you’ll have a deeper understanding of WHO you are, WHY you’re here and WHERE you’re going, and a rock-solid strategy for HOW to get there faster.

Ready to Get Your Breakthrough?