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Rachel Rofé: E-Commerce Biz Op

Rachel has made millions in e-commerce, both as a seller and by helping others achieve their business goals online. Her Low Hanging System" is a super-easy way to start selling profitably on Amazon, Ebay, Etsy and more, and we had a blast creating a Podcast VSL with her.

Iman Shafiei: Cryprocurrency

After making millions in the crypto space, Iman wanted to share his knowledge with others. His research firm, Keystone Research Group, helps people all over the world unlock the power of crypto investing. We got to partner with him for TWO Podcast VSLs to promote his services, and he's been generating 2% conversions!

John Crestani: Affiliate Marketing

After building multi-million-dollar empire as an affiliate marketer, John wanted to help other people do the same. When his marketing agency reached out requesting a Podcast VSL for their high-ticket call funnel, they had their own script in mind. After recording both that script and a second interview using the "Hero's Journey" template, they pitted them against each other. Turns out, the "Hero's Journey" was the clear winner, and has been generating 3X ROAS (return-on-ad-spend) on YouTube!


Jason Hanson: Survival Niche

Jason is a former CIA agent turned master marketer in the survival space. After being on "Shark Tank," becoming a New York Times best-selling author and building a multiple 7-figure company, he wanted to promote his latest offer with a Podcast VSL. He wanted an "unbranded" interview to ensure maximum flexibility, and we were happy to make it happen for him!

Melford Bibens: Network Marketing

After building four 7-figure businesses, Melford wanted to help other people explode their own Network Marketing business by using his "One-to-Many Model" to unlock amazing results. We knew each other from a coaching program we both enjoyed, and we had an ever greater time creating a Podcast VSL together.

Christina Szekeres: Affiliate Marketing

Christina is known as the "Internet Marketing Queen" because of her amazing skills and the RESULTS she gets her clients. When she reached out for a Podcast VSL, she was unsure how well it would work for her high-ticket call funnel. Within one week of releasing the interview organically, it had already generated five figures for her offer, and it's still going! **NOTE: Christina requested her video not be shared, but you can check out her amazing consulting site below. **

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