Ministry is still my first love.

My father was a pastor, my mother’s parents were missionaries, my wife’s grandfather was a pastor, and we’ve been blessed on both sides of our family line with people who have loved and served Jesus for generations.

Over the span of 14 years I was also blessed to serve as a Worship Leader, Worship Pastor, Church Planter and Lead Pastor, some of the most wonderful years of my life.

Now I get to help churches and ministries like yours.

My goal as a Ministry Consultant is to help you and your church get more fruitfulness from your faithfulness and make the NEXT years the BEST years of your ministry.

Here are some ways I’d love to help your church grow.

Kingdom Impact Partnership

You’ve seen it yourself: our world is changing fast.

From social, moral and political norms to cultural, economic and technological forces, the scope of change is staggering and the rate of change is increasing.

But this is a GOOD thing for the Church!

You know that times of great turmoil can be times of great expansion for God’s Kingdom, IF His people “understand the times and know what they should to do.” *

That’s what the Kingdom Impact Partnership is all about: helping you and your church make the next years the best years of your ministry.

Through this 12 week partnership, I’ll use my 20 years of experience in communication, design, strategy, media, technology, marketing and sales to help your church get more fruitfulness from your faithfulness by accomplishing four big goals:

  1. Expand your reach,
  2. Grow your good name,
  3. Increase your attendance, and
  4. See more lives changed by Christ!

To do this, we’ll walk through a step-by-step process together to help you and your team:

Clarify Your Core

by zeroing-in on your unique Purpose, Mission and Vision as a local church or ministry, and what sets you apart from others like you (think statements, values, and team training).

Recharge Your Reputation

by developing your outward-facing presence to attract the kind of people you're best positioned to reach (think graphics, tagline and website).

Optimize Your Outreach

by getting the word out both online and offline in ways that make people want to connect with your church (think social media, flyer campaigns and special event planning).

Improve Your Invitation

by training your people how to have the key conversations that encourage people to attend your church (think evangelism and church invite training).

Ready to learn more about how this partnership can help you make your NEXT years the BEST years of your ministry?

Worship Leader 101

(team training workshop)

For the past 20 years, I’ve had the privilege of both leading worship regularly and studying the “WHY” and “HOW” behind it.

This workshop is the culmination of all those years of study and practice.

Worship Leader 101 will help your worship team grow deeper in their understanding and application of:

  • What IS worship, really?
  • What are the key elements of BIBLICAL worship?
  • What are the “Four Cores” of a Worship Leader’s role?
  • How can we help teams grow in their personal devotion?
  • How should Worship Leaders relate to their lead pastor(s)?
  • How can Worship Leaders best encourage congregations to respond?
  • What does true worship look like OFF the stage?

Ready to learn more about how this workshop can help YOUR team grow?

Tech Team 911

(team training workshop)

Drawing on years of experience in the production and technology of Worship Services, Tech Team 911 will help your Production Team master the skills they need to create:

  • a set of PROCEDURES that flow smoothly and promote excellence,
  • a team of PEOPLE who are competent and confident in their ability to serve the Lord by producing events with excellence, and
  • a quality PRESENTATION each week that prepares the way for people to connect with God.

This Workshop includes a Production Audit of your technical setup to identify strengths to celebrate and opportunities to grow, as well as three focused training sessions:

  1. “WHY Before WHAT” – This overview training will cover:
    • The difference between a “church service” and a true “worship experience”,
    • Biblical foundations for using good presentations to help people connect with God, and
    • Why “the details make the difference”.

  2. “Making it Happen…Right” – This more task-specific training will cover principles of:
    • Sound/audio,
    • Projection (lyrics/videos/slides/etc.),
    • Lighting and ambiance, and
    • Video capture/production.

  3. “This is How We Do it” – This hands-on training will help team members get direct experience applying the principles they’ve learned in your specific context.

Ready to learn more about how this workshop can help YOUR team grow?

Custom A/V Consulting

Whether you need help with your sound system, stage, lighting, streaming video setup, computers, or projectors and displays, I’m here to help.

Even though every church is different, with a quick call we can figure out your best next steps and make a plan together!

Online Courses (coming soon)

Start Streaming Today

In this Training, you'll discover the basics of WHY, WHERE and HOW to stream online, and what it can do for your ministry or business.

Take Your Production Higher

In this Course, you'll go deeper into the world of online streaming and learn the tools and strategies you need to "go pro" today!