Your "better life" is closer than you think!


Hi, my name is Phillip, and

I believe in you!

I believe you were made for more freedom, abundance and joy in every area of life.

The question is:

are you ready to take action

to get it?

You see, after 20+ years as Professional Communicator, Relationship Coach, Pastor and Business Consultant, I've learned a few things.

I’ve learned that most people don’t need a major overhaul to unlock the outcomes they want the most.

They just need a little more clarity, some focused insight, and someone to give them the “push” they need to take action on what they know already.

But they do need to take action.


  • A healthier, happier marriage,
  • Simpler, more peaceful parenting,
  • Faster growth in your business or career,
  • More freedom and fulfillment in your faith and life, and
  • As much confidentiality as you’d like,

Stories from People Like You

Working with Phillip really helped, clarified, and uncovered a lot of things.  It helped me make decisions, and it influences micro-decisions I make every day.


d3 Creative Studio

I've worked with a lot of coaches in different areas and I am a coach myself, and I can say that Phillip is by far the best I've ever worked with to help get to the next level of growth!


ID Legacy Coaching

What truly sets Phillip apart is his ability to help find your inner compass, provide life direction and design your TRUE SUCCESS story. His process of discovery to unlock the best version of themselves is both the journey and the reward!


Robert Half Agency

Anybody looking to grow or improve their business, bring clarity to your brand, generate more leads, or just get reenergized about your life; five stars!

I’ve known Phillip for many years, he is a man of integrity, character and tons of creative energy! He has helped me to get unstuck, to get to the next step in moving forward with my vision for business and life.


PUR Home Services

How it Works

To help my coaching and consulting clients get the best results possible, I use a simple but powerful process called the 4D Growth Method.
By working through this process together, I'm able to help people like you get deeper insights, bigger breakthroughs and faster results.
The exact way we work together depends on the client. Sometimes they are looking for personal growth, so we meet regularly to help them do that. Other times they just need a fresh perspective from my professional expertise, so our times together are on an as-needed basis.
By the way, like I alluded to above, we can maintain as much or as little confidentiality as you'd like.
Bottom line: I'm here to help you get results. How we do that is up to you.

What it Costs

Because each person and business is unique, there is no "one-size-fits-all" solution or investment amount.
I have a wide set of offerings ranging from the hundreds to the thousands, but when it comes to investment, there are two things I do my best to help my clients understand:
The best-fit solution for you isn't the one that costs the least.
It's the one that works the best.
The most costly choice you can make in your life, work and relationships
is the choice to do nothing to grow.
So, if you're ready to take action to get happier, healthier and wealthier in your marriage, parenting, business or faith, just tap or click the button below to schedule your free Growth Consultation.

your better life is waiting.

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