3 Unbreakable Laws of Organic Marketing

Plenty of people talk about the power of organic marketing and how simple it can be when done correctly.

But if you do it wrong… You might actually cause your business more harm than good.

Here are three unbreakable laws of organic marketing to help you make sure your reaching OUT helps you level-UP as well.

📜 LAW 1: Focus more on being interestED than interestING.

Good marketing isn’t about you, it’s about the people you want to serve.

If you struggle to feel interested, ask yourself why and consider a change. If you can’t or don’t want to change, then at least cultivate the discipline of *showing* interest, even if you don’t feel it now.

You may find the feelings will follow in time.

📜 LAW 2: Be consistent with when, where, and how you show up.

Both humans and their algorithms value consistency.

Slowly over time, your consistent presence will establish a beachhead of trust with your Market, and this is a *must* for you to build on. 

Without that trust, your chances will simply slip away, back into the ocean of online noise.

📜 LAW 3: Engage, educate and entertain the people who matter.

When you can make your Market stop and take notice, offer something to help them grow and do it in a way they enjoy, you’ll do more than just capture their attention.

You’ll inspire their ACTION.



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