6 Ways to “Burnout-Proof” Your Business (1 of 3)

First, the bad news: In case you didn’t know, burnout has reached epidemic proportions, especially among business owners and entrepreneurs, and if you’re in that category you could be at serious risk.

Here’s the good news: Long-time researchers and burnout experts Christina Maslach and Michael P. Leiter have identified six primary “risk factors” that lead to burnout, and with a few simple shifts in these areas, you can “burnout-proof” your business for both you and your team.

SO, whether or not you’re feeling exhausted, cynical and discouraged right now (3 key signs of burnout), here are 6 ways you can make SURE that burnout won’t take you down for the long term.

📋 1) Manage your WORKLOAD more effectively.

It’s easy to use “there’s too much to do” as an explanation for why we feel burned out.

Yet, for most people, the issues is NOT the SIZE of our workload, but our STRATEGY for managing it.

The truth about business is there will ALWAYS be more to get done than we are able to handle ourselves.

However, you can keep this from leading to burnout by investing in developing:

• A clear plan, 

• Good systems, and

• Effective work habits.

When you invest in putting these pillars in place, you’ll be able to better prioritize and execute in ways that keep you from short-circuiting your progress.

⚓️ 2) Find ways to maintain a healthy sense CONTROL.

While it’s easy to get consumed with trying to “fix” things that are out of our control, it’s never productive.

The answer is to develop the habit of focusing on things we CAN control, and then working from that place of centeredness.

You CAN control your time with a solid schedule that includes enough structure to keep you on-track but enough flexibility to keep you from feeling stifled.

You CAN control your reaction when people confront or disappoint you by investing in leveling-up your communication and conflict management skills.

And you CAN choose each day to reflect on how you performed and feel good about your successes while acknowledging ways to improve tomorrow.

When you focus your attention on the things you CAN control, you’ll find there’s less room to worry about the things you can’t.


What are some ways you’ve found helpful to manage your workload effectively and/or maintain a healthy sense of control?

// BY THE WAY… If you’d like some help clarifying any of these items and developing a rock-solid strategy to help you and your team apply them, I’m here to help.

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