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Houses and Fields

If you want to build a meaningful life you love, which is more important, improving your work or improving your self?

Consider this… 

For some, it’s all too easy to spend most of our time improving our “house.”

We tweak our business brand assets, constantly read and watch new personal growth material, and are relentless with our self-care.

But we ignore our “fields.”

In our drive to improve and grow ourselves, we miss the mark in building our business or career, and put our future growth at risk.

Sooner or later there will be no more resources left to build our house, and then where will we be?

For others, our fields are all we think about.

We pour ourselves into our work, building our business or career into a crop-producing machine and rejoicing at our success.

But we ignore our house.

In our zeal to see our fields produce, we fail to see that our health, personal growth and the relationships that matter most are crumbling with neglect.

Sooner or later, our accounts may be filled with the return on our labor, but what else will we have left?

True wisdom knows to both tend the fields AND build the house, not one or the other.


“Complete your outdoor work and prepare your field; afterward build your house.” –Proverbs 24:27

Photo by Sylvia Zhou on Unsplash

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