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One MAJOR Difference Between People Who Prosper and People Who Don’t

What does it take to truly “prosper” in life and business? Some people believe there are no “silver bullet solutions,” and that relentless work alone can make you a success.

I disagree.

I believe there ARE a select group of principles and habits that have an incredibly outsized influence (both positive and negative) on the quality and quantity of your “success” in life and business. Here’s one of my favorites:

The quality of the TREE depends on the quality of the STREAM.

Consider this scenario.

Imagine a tree of excellent stock planted far away from a quality water source. What does the future look like for that tree? 

Sure, rain may come and water the ground from time to time, but without a consistent source of quality water, that tree will never, EVER live up to its full potential.

Or imagine a tree planted by a dirty river, filled with waste chemicals and debris. What does THAT tree’s future look like?

Not great either.

But consider instead a tree of only average “potential” planted next to a stream of clean, clear, flowing water. It receives daily nourishment, free from contaminants. It doesn’t have to wait for rain because it has a regular supply.

That tree’s future looks different, doesn’t it?

Even though it may come from a less impressive seed, a tree with a good water source will always be fuller and healthier than a tree with great “potential” planted in a lesser environment.

The same thing is true about people.

Consider this quote from the Psalms, speaking about the kind of person who truly flourishes in life: 

“He is like a tree planted beside flowing streams that bears its fruit in its season and whose leaf does not wither. Whatever he does prospers.” –Psalm 1:3

If it’s true that “The quality of the TREE depends on the quality of the STREAM,” that means even if we’re a person of great skill and good character, without access to a “quality environment” we will NEVER live up to our full potential.

But, when we invest in our growth by connecting with a quality stream of knowledge, inspiration, encouragement and accountability, something wonderful happens to our life and business.

They prosper.

So… In what streams will YOU invest this year?


––– Photo by Ryan Stone on Unsplash –––

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