3 Ways to **Guarantee** You NEVER Feel Successful (2 of 3)

If you’re a “producer” and are getting some wins, way to go! You might be basking in the glow of your success, but there’s the thing…

If you’d rather NOT feel successful, there are three EASY ways to make sure that no matter how many goals you achieve, you never, EVER feel like a True Success.

Here’s the second one… (& go check the first one if you missed it!)

WAY 2: Put relationships on “cruise control” and ONLY focus on your work.

Computers are great at doing their work with relentless focus and absolute consistency, but despite the glowing reports of progress in A.I., they are still TERRIBLE at creating genuine connecting with human beings. (Sorry “Her,” we’re not quite there yet.)

But you are not a machine.

And one of the biggest pitfalls that many high-achievers and “producers” fall into is believing the same skillset that makes them successful in business will help them navigate relationships successfully.

But they’re wrong.

Are there some overlaps? Absolutely! Discipline, consistency and attention to detail are great qualities in a partner, a boss, or a friend.

But ONLY if we are being attentive, consistent and disciplined in the RIGHT things.

What’s more likely (and I’ve seen this so many times with my clients) is that the successful businessperson will give their BEST to their work and the REST to their relationships and **hope** that everything works out, that whatever money they throw at people will be enough, and that “they will understand this is just a season.”

But some seasons don’t change on their own.

And for many people who are “winning” in business, they can never fully enjoy that success or **feel** successful because they know they are failing in the area that matters more: relationships.

You and I are PEOPLE, not machines, and that means we need healthy relationships in order to truly enjoy our life, so if you want to **guarantee** you never feel successful, put relationships on “cruise control” and ONLY focus on your work.

That’s two out of three, and the third one’s a two-parter. Can’t wait? …sorry. Check back tomorrow for part 3. 😉 


(p.s. I have an evaluation tool I use with clients to help them quickly identify relationship “hot spots” so they can see EXACTLY where they need some work. If you want it, comment “EVALUATION” below or just shoot me a message and I’ll get it to you.)

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Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash


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