If You’re Doing This, it’s Harming Your Prospects and Hurting Your Sales

I have problem: I like making people feel better.

Why is that a problem, you ask? Isn’t it a GOOD thing to help people feel better?

Not necessarily… 

Consider an ER doctor who receives a patient who’s been shot in the chest. What would you say if that doctor prescribed a band-aid for the bleeding and morphine for the pain, then sent the patient on their way?


The job of a doctor is NOT to help the patient just “feel better” in the moment, it’s to help them GET better overall!

The same is true in business, if you’re in business for the right reasons.

If your only goal is to make as much money as you can, however you can, regardless of the effect you have on others, stop reading now, this post isn’t for you.

BUT, if you actually care about people and want to do good in the world (and make a healthy profit doing so), then consider this… 

You have the SAME job as a doctor: to help people gain a better life.

Whatever solution you sell, chances are you know that at some level, it really IS in people’s best interest to say “yes” to buying from you, and that’s part of the reason you’re in business in the first place.

But there’s a problem.

Sometimes the nicest people have the poorest sales, not because they don’t care about their potential clients/customers, but because their caring is OUT OF ORDER.

Let me explain.

If I’m talking with a person who has a problem I can help them solve and I try to make them feel better about their situation, I am actually HURTING them in the long run by lessening their motivation to get real and lasting help.

By trying to ease their pain, I’m putting a band-aid on a bullet wound… and so are you.

The better, kinder, more loving (and smarter) thing to do is actually the opposite of making them feel better in the moment.

If you really want to serve your prospect, then make them feel WORSE about their situation than they already do so they’ll be ready to say “yes” to the LIFE-CHANGING SOLUTION you can offer them!

Then, once you’re able to connect them with your solution, you can deliver the greater help they need to get the better life they want.

(By the way, if your solution isn’t actually going to help them, that’s another issue entirely… maybe it’s time for a new offer?)

So, if you want to grow your sales and serve your clients/customers better, remember this.

Good selling (and good copywriting, by the way) is about making people feel BAD right now so you can help them get BETTER later.

When you do that, you’ll not only be increasing your sales.

You’ll also be changing lives for the better.


(p.s. If you want to get make more and better sales by applying this idea to but aren’t sure quite how, OR if you struggle with the feeling of “promoting yourself” in your sales and want to overcome it, I have a free Quick-Start guide that can help! Comment “Send it!” below and I’ll shoot you a message with a link. 👍)


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