This is my old iPhone 5. It still works…kind of.

I am FAMILIAR with it… but there’s a problem: familiarity can KILL our future.

Here’s how.

1) It LULLS us into complacency so we don’t take action where it counts.

The thing about complacency is we usually don’t FEEL we’re being complacent. We think we are just being steady, consistent, or “sticking with what works.”

Here’s the thing though: almost NOTHING works forever without adapting.

Whether in business, relationships or our personal habits, the story of life IS the story of change, and only those who change with it are able to stay ahead.

2) It LEAVES us behind while the world moves forward.

Make no mistake, there are plenty of other people in your market, your field, your community who ARE willing to change.

That means when the opportunity arises for new sales, markets, experiences and rewards of all kinds, THOSE people will get them, not you.

You may tell yourself you’re just being content. You may tell yourself you’ve simply found “the right balance” for you.

However, here’s the ugly truth about familiarity…

3) It LIES to us about the cost of change and makes us pay too much.

Do not be deceived. You WILL have to change eventually! 

The question is, will it be on YOUR terms at a price you can manage or someone ELSE’S terms at far greater cost?

Your phone WILL reach the end of its useful life and no longer be supported.

Your market WILL develop new needs and expectations and will no longer be as interested in your “same-old-same-old solution.”

Your spouse or partner WILL change over time—just like you will—and the things you did that captivated them before won’t cut it anymore.

So, take a chance today on something new.

Take a step today toward meaningful change.

Find a partner today to help you navigate the uncertainty and gain the clarity and strategy you need to get the results you want.

The upgrade WILL be worth the cost.

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