What a “ghost-town” theme park taught me about Purpose in life

There’s an eerie feeling you get when you visit a place designed for crowds and you find yourself nearly alone.

Last week my family and I went with some friends to Legoland Florida for a “last-hurrah” before my son started school.

Although we had a great time, it was also a strange experience to be the ONLY people on many of the rides, to have wait times of less than 5 minutes, and to see so many parts of the park closed off.

At one point I went to the Men’s restroom. As I stood in front of the sink, I noticed how everything was immaculately clean, with no water on the counter, barely anything in the trash cans, and nobody else in the room at all.

Then, in the middle of the echo-chamber emptiness, a thought came to me about the whole situation… 

A park like this was designed to draw HUGE crowds, to create LOTS of joyful memories, and to delight THOUSANDS more people than the smattering of day-trippers that came that day.

This place was made for more.

What ended up being a win for us (no crowds) was really a loss in the big picture, because something intended to make a bigger impact was barely scratching the surface of its potential for good.

Today as I reflected on the experience, another thought came to me that hit much closer to home…

Sometimes our lives are like that empty theme park.

Instead of rising to our true potential to make a DIFFERENCE in the world around us, we settle for filling our days with comfort and entertainment.

Instead of pushing ourselves to do things that really MATTER, we allow ourselves to live only for ourselves.

Instead of doing the hard work of finding and following our deeper purpose in life, we take the easy way out and slip into the comfortable routine of mediocre success.

But you were made for MORE!

You were created for a greater goal than money, power, fame, comfort or control.

You were built to make the world BETTER than it was before you came along.

So… are you doing it?

Are you living your life, pursuing your work and cultivating your relationships in ways that are making a difference?

If you ARE, I’d love to hear about it in the comments below! What are you doing to build a better world?

If you AREN’T… it’s never too late to start.


(p.s. If you want a partner to help you find your “bigger-picture Purpose,” send me a message and let’s chat. I’d love to help!)


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