Have you ever started a project, program or a journey with tons of excitement, only to say “This is NOT what I signed up for…” ??

Maybe you’re just STUCK in Stage 2…

In my “7-Stage Growth Journey,” Stage 1 is the Promise, and Stage 2 is Passion.  

I use passion to refer to things and people we care about and topics and activities that interest us. They are facets of our personality that make us uniquely “us”.

Passion is like an engine that drives us, and if a promise starts the fire, our passion fans the flame.

This is incredibly important because when it comes to personal growth, duty and obligation are NEVER enough to keep us moving forward. We have to actually WANT to make progress, and that usually requires a connection between where we’re GOING and what we LOVE.

For instance, you could promise me that if I download this free eBook or enroll in those courses or attend that event I’ll “Be a Better Cook in 21 Days”…and I wouldn’t care.

Why? Because cooking is not a passion of mine. I like EATING good food but preparing it doesn’t interest me at all.

BUT…imagine if my wife (who is AMAZING in the kitchen, by the way) had a tragic accident and was no longer able to cook. Imagine if I was now the one who held the responsibility of making sure we ate properly.

That would probably make a difference in my desire to want to learn to cook.

It still might not make “kitcheneering” my FAVORITE thing to do, but the opportunity to “Be a Better Cook in 21 Days” would look a WHOLE lot more attractive.

Why? Because while cooking itself isn’t something I have a passion for, I AM passionate about providing for my family and making sure they have everything they need.

My passion for something I LOVE keeps me moving towards the goal that I WANT.

What does this mean for you? It means if you’re stuck in your growth journey, maybe you’re simply trying to grow in the wrong area, or for the wrong reason. 

If you want to really grow yourself or your business, maybe it’s time to get some deeper clarity about who YOU are and what you REALLY want out of life, and start playing to your strengths.

Photo by Sébastien LAVALAYE on Unsplash

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