How Grinding Coffee Helps us Grow

coffee beans in black container

Is it true that people who grind their own coffee are 38% more likely to be successful in life???

…I have no idea, but keep reading for how grinding coffee DOES teach us something about personal growth. 😉 

Every morning I grind my coffee fresh.

Well, a machine does it for me, but I get to tell it what to do.

That choice of what grinder setting I select is crucial to my morning cup-o’-joe, because of this obvious but powerful principle, which I simply call “The Grinder Principle.”

|| The longer the grinding, the finer the grind. ||

Of course this obviously assumes the beans are fresh, the grinder blades are sharp and the motor is working properly. Given that these things are in order, though, my choice becomes very simple: how fine of a grind do I want?

Now, notice how the same is true for our growth journey in life.

Whether we want to grow a business, a relationship, a church, or ourselves, we will always have to go through difficult circumstances–the “grinder” of growth– to get the results we want.

Unlike my coffee routine, however, we don’t always get to choose the type or the timing of the grinding we go through.

But there IS one choice we DO have.

Will we run away, or will we lean in?

Our daily decision of how to respond to the grinder of growth will determine the quality of outcome we get., because the longer the grinding, the finer the grind. 

So, may we all choose wisely today, and lean in to the grinding.

Photo by Dan Smedley on Unsplash


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