The World I Want

mountain range under golden hour

I wept for the world today, but not because of today’s health emergency, though it’s certainly dire indeed.

I wept, not because of tomorrow’s economic outlook, though it’s definitely a great concern.

No, I wept for something else, something more profound.

Looking out from the second-story window of a nearly empty co-working space, I saw something in the lifeless street below me and it moved me. It moved me because of what it stood for, what the scene below me represented.


I saw no life, no movement. I saw no children playing, no families walking, no businesspeople hustling and bustling towards their next meeting.


I wept for the world in which my son and daughter may now be growing up: a world of more distance and fewer hugs, of less togetherness and more isolation.

I don’t want that world for them.

I don’t want that world for me.

I don’t want that world for you.

So let’s change it.

Let’s imagine a world together where on the other side of this life-changing crisis we CHOOSE to not only take steps that ensure our physical safety, but to invest in our emotional well-being as well.

Let’s work together for a world where we use our time, money and energy to not just make more income, but make more connections with the people around us.

Let’s decide that in both our play and our work, we will choose to live with PURPOSE and give ourselves to worthy things that are bigger than us.

That’s the world I want for you; a world where you do work that makes a difference.

That’s the world I want for me; a world where my life matters for something bigger than me.

That’s the world I want for my children; a world where the physical distance the virus forced on us moved us closer together in heart.


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