God lifts up the humble heart

Humble yourselves before the Lord, and He will exalt you.  (James 4:10)

So much in the Kingdom is counterintuitive.  To live, we must die.  To be free, we must become slaves of Christ.  To be exalted, we must humble ourselves.

This seems like exactly the opposite of what we should do, and it can seem so hard at times.  Yet, here’s the incredible blessing.

When you choose to let go of your desire to exalt yourself and instead humbly exalt Jesus, He is freed up to take you higher than you could ever go on your own!

When you let God handle the scope of your significance, you will find He is far more generous to you than you could have ever been to yourself.  Let go of your need to promote your own name, and be encouraged by this powerful truth.

God lifts up the humble heart.

–Pastor Phillip


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