Worship is not an event you attend once a week; it’s the lifestyle you practice every day.

In reality, everyone, everywhere, at all times is worshipping someone or something, because worship is simply the act of demonstrating the value (or “worth”) of something by giving it priority.

When you prioritize one person, activity or interest above others in your schedule, that’s a form of worship.

When you spend more money on one thing than another, that’s a facet of worship.

When you devote your highest affection and devotion to a cause or individual or group or passion or pastime, that is an expression of worship.

I know you may push back, thinking that “worship” has an overtly religious sense, and of course it does.  Yet, at its core, the meat of what worship really IS has much less to do with observing a faith and much more to do with demonstrating a pattern priorities.  How you BEHAVE reveals what you really BELIEVE.

Because of this, if you want to know what you really worship, look at where you devote your resources, and more importantly, WHY you do so.

The answers might surprise you.

Just a thought.

–Pastor Phillip

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