God’s Hope for Your Heart from Romans 11


For from Him and through Him and to Him are all things.  To Him be glory forever.  Amen.  (Romans 11:36)

Over and over in the Bible, we see that salvation and grace come from God.  They are gifts that He offers out of the overflow of His love, not wages we earn through the abundance of our good deeds.  It’s from Jesus.

We see, too, especially in the book of Romans, that the power to live in Christ also comes not through our own strength and ability, but His.  We are enabled by His Spirit, not our effort.  It’s through Jesus.

Don’t miss the point of it all, though.  Our salvation and strength, redemption and resurrection are great gifts from our loving Father, but there is a purpose in them beyond ourselves and our happiness.  The reason for all of this?

It’s to Jesus.

This means that your performance at work isn’t about you, it’s about Jesus.

It means that your interactions with your neighbors aren’t about you, they’re about Jesus.

This means that your studies and your children and your marriage and your hobbies certainly involve you and hopefully benefit you, but they aren’t really about you in the end.  They’re about Jesus.

So, when your life isn’t living up to the goals you set, you can still be at peace if you are living for Jesus.  When your plans turn out differently than you expected, it’s not a failure, just a new opportunity to give Him glory.

Remembering that He is the point of it all will relieve a lot of pressure.  So, as you meditate on the true purpose of your life, may you be filled with hope as you dwell on this truth: Your life is all about Jesus.

-Pastor Phillip

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