God’s Hope for Your Heart from Acts 24


“So I always take pains to have a clear conscience toward both God and man.”  (Acts 24:16)

Paul was being falsely accused… Again.

Just like Jesus, he was on trial for going against the establishment and upsetting the religious leaders of his day.  Just like Jesus, he would eventually be executed by Rome, but not because he was guilty.  No, Rome would act according to what was best for them politically.  However, even so, Paul’s judges came to a definite conclusion about him based on his life.

Just like Jesus, they declared him innocent.

The world is not always a place of justice and truth.  There may be times when forces and purposes far larger than you may be at work in your life.  That’s why it’s such good news to know that this world is not all there is!

This world does not have the last word, Jesus does.

This world may be able to manipulate your life temporarily, but if you’re in Christ, it cannot break your legacy and it cannot halt your destiny.

God is watching over you and is so pleased when you stand firm in the midst of adversity.  Not only that, but the world is watching you, too, and will be impacted as you persist in integrity.

Hold fast today.  Stay strong.  Keep your eyes on Jesus and your life in line with His Word, and be assured that God will protect your legacy and reward your tenacity.

As you stand firm and do what’s right, no matter the cost, remember God is watching over you, to give you the hope of this truth: God will reveal your righteousness.

-Pastor Phillip

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