Jesus finished your work so you could rest in His

God’s Hope for Your Heart from John 19


When Jesus had received the sour wine He said, “It is finished,” and He bowed His head and gave up His spirit.  (John 19:30)

Some ancient sources report that sponges dipped in sour wine were used to clean public toilet facilities.  Being offered a drink from one was the last in a series of humiliations Jesus endured in the process of crucifixion.

Again and again, Jesus endured shame and suffering, but all these paled in comparison with the weight of His true burden–your sin and mine.  It was not the pain or public ridicule that caused Jesus to suffer the most.  It was the sin of the world.

But then, the work was complete.

The job was finished, the deed done, payment for sin was delivered.  Then at last, with His final breath, Jesus signed the receipt with these last words: “It is finished.”

Do you know why He said “It is finished?”  Because it is!

There is no more atonement to be made for sin, only grace to receive through faith in Christ!  There is no more work to be done for God’s acceptance, only favor to receive through faith in Christ!

This means that to the degree you freely trust and fully surrender to Jesus, you can walk in freedom because there’s nothing for you to earn anymore.  Yes, you owed a debt to God that was well-deserving of death (Romans 6:23).  But, Jesus died for you so you wouldn’t have to!

Christian, relax.  Let this good news set you free to obey God out of joy, not obligation, and may you be filled with hope as you trust in this truth: Jesus finished your work so you could rest in His.

-Pastor Phillip

p.s. For more encouragement about resting in the finished work of Christ, click here to listen to a message called “It is finished,” part of  the “Sufficient” teaching series from outpostChurch.

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